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This time we had the opportunity to work with women in the community of Ñocha Malen, in the heart of the Araucania region. As usual, the workshops taught us all the process until the final piece: The artisan women use a natural fibre called ñocha. They collect it, boil the leaves and dry them. Ñocha fibre is ready to be woven and shaped as desired.
Each PET Lamp receives the creative and personal imprint of its artisan who can freely apply the colours and conserved techniques. These women started by learning and practicing PET bottle cutting and then weaved the PET strips and the vegetable fibre using wood moulds to preserve the previously studied and established shape. The resulting collection explores a social community environment, a native fibre and an ancient technique preserved for over 500 years.
PET Lamp Mapuche is the proof that projects full of hope can be born in an area stigmatized by conflict and can contribute to improving the image of such a beautiful region. The array of personal stories and dreams now appear woven into the PET bottles with each new stitch weaved with the ñocha fibre.

  • Cooking under a Mapuche PET Lamp in a private house in Madrid. Photo by Aina Gutierrez.
  • Mapuche PET Lamp presentation in Rossana Orlandi’s patio, 2017. Photo by PET Lamp.
  • 2 Mapuche PET Lamps hanging under the covered green roof at Rossana Orlandi’s patio, 2017. Photo by PET Lamp.

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Mapuche Single

ø 27,5”, H: 15,7”-17,7” Length of cables: 60''


Mapuche set of 3

This set spans 100”-120” long. Length of cables: Side lamps: 2 x 100” Central lamp: 60” Central lamp: 60”
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