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The colourful basket weaving of Ethiopia has a long tradition and is common in rural parts of the country with the Muslim city of Harar being one of the most famous for this craft. The traditional baskets of Ethiopia are categorised as “coiled” baskets. The materials used are usually grasses and palm leaves which are dyed with other natural materials.
What makes this collection so special was the desire to experiment, adapt and reinterpret concepts. The very flat design of these lamps was inspired by the shape of one of the most typical Ethiopian baskets, which is made with plant fibres and used to serve injera, a traditional flat, circular Ethiopian bread. Generally made by women, the design comes from their own imagination. There are no guidelines or instructions to help in the design of these intricate and colourful pieces.
The concept behind these baskets was reinterpreted and adapted for this collection, adding the bottle as a central part of the structure. The idea behind the weaving process is to create different patterns by rolling natural fibres around dry grasses while constantly seeking a vibrant mix of colours.

  • 3 Abyssinia PET Lamps hanging on top of our dinning/meeting table at our previous ACdO/ Studio. Photo by PET Lamp.
  • PET Lamp Abyssinia launch in Rossana Orlandi’s patio in 2015. Photo by PET Lamp.
  • Mama Shelter Belgrade restaurant by Philippe Starck with lots of Abyssinia PET Lamps. Photo Francis Amiand.

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Abyssinia Single

All models: ø 29,5”, H: 5,9-9,8” Length of cables: 60” cable


Abyssinia set of 3

This set spans ø 100”-120” Length of cables: 3 x 100”

Abyssinia set of 6

This set spans ø 120”-140” Length of cables: 6 x 120”
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