2011 was the year of the conception of the PET Lamp project in Spain, 2012 saw the launch of the Colombian experience, 2013 saw its expansion to other countries and cultures beginning with Chile, and 2014 welcomes PET Lamp in a new continent, Africa, with the aim of showing the worldwide potential of this project.

It was four years ago that we found ourselves in Colombia taking the first steps in the PET Lamp project, which, thanks to teamwork, managed to create a very popular. product. After that success we decided to expand the project to other countries beginning with Chile, where we could test its reach and capacity for adaptation to new forms and artisan cultures. The result was a positive surprise.
In 2014 PET Lamp jumped to the continent of Africa, touching down in Ethiopia, the cradle of mankind and a meeting point of cultures and religions between continents. Addis Ababa is a city which plays a crucial geopolitical role within Africa. The seat of the African Union, the city has the greatest concentration of diplomatic delegations in Africa as well as having the busiest airport in the whole of the continent.
In May of last year Emily Cosentino, a North American temporarily residing in Addis Ababa, contacted us with the will to develop the project with local artisans. Working in close collaboration with Salem Kassahun, the owner of a workshop and a
shop for local crafts, she organised a team of artisans who welcomed us in October of that year in order to begin work on the new collection which we present to you now. It is called Abyssinia.
Meanwhile, the collections proceeding from Colombia and Chile continue bringing their energy to all corners of the world. This year PET Lamp has received the Diseño para el Desarrollo (Design for Development) prize at the Biannual Ibero- American Design Fair (DIMAD, Madrid) and the DELTA de Plata (FAD Barcelona). It has also been a part of other fantastic design exhibitions such as The Fab Mind at 21-21 Design Sight (Tokyo), New Territories at MAD Museum of Arts and Design (New York), and Waterweavers at the Bard Graduate Center of New York and Conde Duque Cultural Center in Madrid amongst others. It has also become part of the permanent collections of the Denver Art Museum, the Museu del Disseny (Barcelona) and the Centre National des Arts Plastiques (Paris).
For 2016 there are already new adventures open to us in other countries on top of the follow up and improvement
of the collections from the preceding years. PET Lamp already has a life of its own and our team is doing all it can to respond to the expectations that this project is generating and to help it reach as far as possible.

Alvaro Catalán de Ocón
Product designer
Madrid, April 2015

Mapuche 2016

  • Ana Maria Cecilia Gloria Juana Making of Delia at the workshop Making of Making of Delia at work Juana at work Juana at work Ana Maria at work


Japan 2015

  • Making of, picture by Yuya Hoshino Making of, picture by Yuya Hoshino Chiemi at work, picture by Yuya Hoshino Making of, picture by Yuya Hoshino Chiemi Ogura Making of, picture by Yuya Hoshino Making of, picture by Yuya Hoshino Making of, picture by Yuya Hoshino Making of, picture by Yuya Hoshino Chiemi Ogura Making of, picture by Yuya Hoshino Hideaki Hosokawa


Addis Abeba 2014

  • Kenenye Lemma Kasech Demeke Tsega Dereb Worknesh Arega Banchyayhu Mulualem with her daughter Mahilet Women at the workshop Workshop in Addis Abeba Kenenye and Kasech at the workshop Banchyayhu and Mahilet at the workshop Tsega at the workshop Worknesh at the workshop Kasech at the workshop Kenenye working on a lampshade Kasech weaving The hands of an artisans with a ring with one of the traditional ethiopian crosses An artisan working during the workshop Banchyayhu weaving Kenenye during the workshop in Addis Abeba An artisan working on a lamp Kasech focused on weaving Kasech Demeke Kasech Demeke Artisans group portrait. Addis Abeba, 2014 Family portrait of PET Lamp team Alvaro and Enrique with our local partners Salem and Emily. Addis Abeba, 2014


Chimbarongo 2013

  • Harvest of the wicker and lent to dry at the sun On a workshopPreparing the wicker in the workshop before working with itSegundo RodríguezMaking ofÁlvaro Catalán de Ocón and Rodolfo CastroRaúl BrionesFamily Portrait Raúl focused on the lampshade Raúl Briones Rodolfo Castro Segundo Rodríguez


Bogotá 2012

  • Family Portrait Emerita Chirimio Emerita Chirimio 2  Liliana Grueso Manuela Dura   Mélida Valencia Tomás Domingo UlluríeMarta Cesilia CuchilloMaría Stella CuchilloGuambianos, work in processGuambianos, work in process 2Making of, handsMaking of, hands 2Making of, hands 3Making of, hands 4Making of, hands 5Making of, hands 6Making of, hands 7PET Lamp video